Angry locals bite back after passive-aggressive note about parking left on car

Angry locals bite back after passive-aggressive note about parking left on car

Two angry neighbours are embroiled in a bitter argument about parking and have resorted to leaving each other passive-aggressive notes in public.

In the area in question, parking is a contentious issue and residents have to get creative with where they leave their cars as there aren’t enough spaces for everyone.

One person returned to their car to find a note attached to their windscreen, telling them they shouldn’t have parked where they did – so the driver decided to leave a note of his own.

He penned a letter to the author of the original anonymous note, telling him he would have to ‘learn to share’, adding that they could go ‘live somewhere else with a garage’ instead.

The first note, left in Balmain, a suburb of Sydney, Australia, reads: “We notice that this vehicle frequently parks in this area in spaces that are not designated parking spaces and often unsafe for people entering/leaving Addison street on this corner.

“Many residents on this street have challenges with access to convenient parking but we do not inconvenience the rest of the street in this manner.”

The letter adds: “Please park this car in designated spots.”

But instead of parking the car elsewhere, the motorist bit back and wrote another note – that they then stuck to a nearby post.

They wrote: “To the person who left this note. Go and live somewhere else with a garage! Parking is tight around Balmain, so if you live here, learn to share it with others!

“Stay safe and have a happy weekend.”

Angry neighbours leaving notes is nothing new, and recently one mum received a furious letter from a neighbour telling her to shut her blinds as they can see her “a**”.

Alex Taylor found the note tucked under her car windscreen wiper after apparently being spotted in her undies in the window of her home in Chelmsford, Essex.

The mum-of-two said she was wearing a t-shirt over a pair of French knickers while locking her door and turning the lights off at around 10.30pm before heading to bed on Saturday night – which apparently upset her neighbour.