Woman shares sneaky way she found out her boyfriend’s friends were lying to her

Woman shares sneaky way she found out her boyfriend’s friends were lying to her

A woman has shared her sneaky way of finding out if her boyfriend’s friends are lying to her about his whereabouts, and it works with startling results.

TikTok star Snowwolf_JKU shared a video of when he was confronted by his partner, who said that she didn’t trust his friends before adding that she’d show him why.

She then takes out her phone and said “I’ll show you, let’s call Jack”, and when the man answers she askes if ‘Wolf’ is with him – to test whether the friend would tell the truth and say he didn’t know where her partner was.

But Jack instantly replies with “yeah, why” before making an excuse for why she can’t talk to him, and as the phone call ends she confronts her boyfriend, saying “point proven”.

In the phone call, the partner said: “Hey is Wolf with you?”

To which Jack replied: “Yeah, why?”

Partner: “Well can I talk to him?”

Jack: “No, he’s on the other side of yard.”

Partner: “Hm alright, well thank you.”

Jack: “Is that all you need?”

Partner: “That’s all I needed.”

At the beginning of the video, the woman seems quite cheery and jovial, but by the end, she looks angry and is almost shouting at Wolf.

Wolf shared the video with his nearly four million followers around two months ago, and since then it has been liked 148,000 times and received over a thousand comments – with many people saying that he had some great friends.

Carl Parrott said: “Got some great friends, my guy.”

And another user, named Jason, wrote: “That’s not a friend, that’s family.”

While a third, named Charles Martel added: “The bro code in full effect, I would have expected a call to Wolf from Jack directly after.”