People baffled over ‘incredibly dark’ card wishing new parents good luck

People baffled over ‘incredibly dark’ card wishing new parents good luck

Greetings and birthday cards used to be pretty formulaic.

If the recipient was male, it would stick to the stereotypes of trains, beer, fishing and racy jokes, dependent on age.

Meanwhile, for a woman, shops would think you obviously want a card that is pink, covered in flowers and maybe a cute animal.

Nowadays, there’s a much wider range – with a lot more rude jokes, references to booze and bodily functions than ever before.

But this card for new parents left people baffled, as it didn’t quite hit the mark for many.

The front of it says: “Hope your new baby does better than your plants.”

It went viral after being shared on Twitter, with the caption: “Dark.”

One person joked: “Wishing my future children the best of luck,” while another mysteriously tweeted: “#basilgate.”

But another said: “Okay I wouldn’t even send this to my brother & I can say pretty much anything to my brother.”

Another agreed, adding: “This need to be snarky all the time is depressing.

“It’s a happy time, can we not just say ‘congratulations. I am reasonably blasé about most things/insults but if someone bought me this I’d think they were a nasty arsehole trying to diminish my joy.”

A third added: “Having been affected by baby loss, I find this utterly f disgusting.”

Another wrote: “I mean, my soul is dark at times, but this is over a line fo sho.”

Others seemed to like it, as one woman tweeted: “I would buy this for me.”

“I would find it funny if it was given this. Luckily my kids are fine…mostly because if I don’t water them they let me know,” joked another.