‘I got my co-worker fired after she sent emails to clients pretending to be me’

‘I got my co-worker fired after she sent emails to clients pretending to be me’

A woman has revealed how a jealous co-worker who was passed over for promotion tried to oust her from her job by sending nasty emails in her name.

Sharing her story anonymously, the woman said that her work relationships were starting to sour and she couldn’t figure out why, and soon even customers were acting differently with her.

Then a co-worker pulled her aside and asked what her problem was, citing an email that had been sent in her name where she was insulting another member of staff.

The woman insisted she didn’t send that email and soon the penny dropped as she realised the only person who could send an email in her name was her personal assistant.

The woman said: “I was losing clients and several colleagues were really upset with me.

“Then it clicked with me – my assistant has access to my e-mail and has the ability to send as me. She’s also the only one that has these rights.

“I was flabbergasted and so much started to make sense.

“She was next in line for my job and did not receive the promotion, I did. I checked all her sent mail on her pc while she was out for lunch and saw dozens of e-mails sent as if it was me.

“An e-mail, still open on her screen, showed my e-mail address and a written message to clients with misinformation, passive-aggressiveness and straight-up lies. These were sent out under my name.”

The woman said that she collected evidence and went to her manager with the information so they could take action, and she added that the culprit was fired the next day.

After sharing her story online, other Reddit users flocked to the post to share their opinion, with many saying that she was in the right to take the issue to management.

One user said: “She was trying to s***w over your career through lies and deceptions and you caught her and she received the correct punishment for her actions.”

While a second added: “You didn’t get her fired; she did this to herself. Someone would have figured it out eventually. She chose to risk her job and endanger the business with her deceitful behaviour. Losing her position is a natural consequence of her choices.”

And a third user wrote: “She got what she deserved. If she so needs the job, then she should’ve taken into account possible scenarios her actions would lead to. This was one of them.”