Cheap mum saves thousands by washing with snow and charging hubby for meals

Cheap mum saves thousands by washing with snow and charging hubby for meals

The self-confessed ‘most frugal mum in the world’ has opened up about her money-saving ways, from washing her dishes in the washing machine alongside her clothes, to brushing her teeth with snow.

In fact, Becky Guiles is so cheap that she claims she can take anything in the world and find either 90 percent cheaper or even free.

The 41-year-old, who lives with husband, Jay, 39, and sons seven-year-old George and four-year-old Colden, confesses she’s always been pretty frugal, but she took saving money to the extreme when she decided to give up her £25,000 salary to be a stay-at-home mum.

“When I had my first son, George, I left my business because I wanted to stay home with him. So, a lot of my philosophy is that saving money is the same thing as making money,” she explained on TLC’s So Freakin’ Cheap.

“In that first year, we ended up cutting our expenses so much that it made up for that income loss.”

Becky’s money saving efforts include doing any repair or decorating work herself, from using newspaper as insulation to using wallpaper she found in a rubbish bin.

In fact, she even goes as far as refusing to pay for tap water – instead collecting snow from outside her home for her family to wash with.

She said: “Water from the sink actually costs money, down the street we have this really pretty creek which I would use but it’s frozen cause it’s freezing out.”

But, in addition to saving pennies for the whole family, Becky actually charges her husband for food if he eats more than her, so she knows she’s getting her money’s worth.

Jay said: “If we ordered say mozzarella sticks and there were four of them and I ate three, she ate one it’s like, ‘Jay you’re paying 75 percent.’”

Over the years, Becky has saved so much money she’s actually more than earned back her former wage – but it’s fair to say that not everyone could live that lifestyle.